Unique Solution
for the Humanitarian Sector

L20 is a digital supply and payment platform where NGO funds go straight to merchants, so risk of aid diversion is lowered. It enables local suppliers to provide essential goods and services to beneficiaries in last mile environments.

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Safe and trusted

Biometric verification is used to verify someone through their biometric features, not their identity. This means absolute anonymization of persons receiving L20 assistance.

Low cost and efficient

Easy to set up, contributing to the reduction in transactional costs, making the use of donor funds more efficient. Cloud based and deployable anywhere, with no hardware costs.

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Dynamic reporting

It supports cost/burn rate reports, forecasting and real-time impact analytics to use with donors.

Our mobile apps now available on Google Play

L20 Fieldworker

Review and enroll beneficiaries by QR code.

L20 Merchant

Select the goods and services intended to be provided.