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We Empower The Hardest To Reach Communities And Create Sustainable Micro-Economies

Fintech for International Development (“F4ID”) is a sustainable social enterprise that donates a significant proportion of its profits to charities to fund future humanitarian and international development work.

Our Mission

Fintech for International Development is on a mission to create a world where every community has the technology, tools and resources it needs to prosper.

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Our Product

L20 supports the local supply of essential goods and services to people requiring assistance. We enable them to select the essential goods and services they need from a wide network of local providers (merchants and service providers) and we help ensure those providers are paid and supplied promptly.


Our Approach

A safe & trusted solution that is digitally enabled

Empowering programs which give communities flexibility and choice

Quick merchant and supply chain payments

An efficient low-cost tool which is easy to set up and use

A risk reducing tool which reduces fraud, sanctions and aid diversion risk

Robust dynamic reporting which provides rich digital analytics and reporting in real time


Our Partners

We partner with ambitious, tech-driven development organizations to create and deliver safe, secure and sustainable programming outcomes.

In over 100 countries, we support children to transform their lives. We've been working for a fairer world for a century. Discover the values, history and people that make us who we are.

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In The Press


Two leading international banks have teamed up with Save the Children to create a new Financial Technology company that will use digital solutions to help deliver rising amounts of humanitarian assistance to hard-to-reach communities, ensuring it reaches those most in need.