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Empowering the hardest to reach communities

Bringing together humanitarian, financial and technology sectors to create a secure, safe and reliable solution to the delivery of aid.

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Projects and Impact

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L20 Afghanistan Pilot

The economic collapse in Afghanistan has left an estimated 82% of families in debt, almost half of the population suffering either level-3 “crisis” or level-4 “emergency” levels of food insecurity and 3.2 million children acutely malnourished.  The culmination of these factors has meant that Afghanistan is descending into the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.


F4ID's first product


Introducing L20, a digital platform which enables local suppliers to provide essential goods and services to biometrically verified beneficiaries in last mile environments.



Data driven

We empower beneficiaries by giving them choice while preserving anonymity.

Merchants/suppliers receive their payments within 7 days.

We provide real-time data to optimize programmes for the best outcomes.


A low-cost tool, cloud based and deployable anywhere, which is easy to set up and use.

Safe and trusted

A digitally enabled solution that uses biometric verification technology.

Risk reducing

Our technology helps reduce risks associated with fraud, sanctions, aid diversions and information security.


Who we are

Fintech for International Development (“F4ID”) brings humanitarian, finance and technology experts together under one roof.

F4ID is an impact Fintech and social enterprise (#fintechforgood) which was founded through a collaboration between Save the Children, Barclays and Standard Chartered. F4ID provides solutions to the aid ecosystem.

Our mission

F4ID is on a mission to create a world where every community has the technology, tools and resources it needs to prosper.

F4ID empowers beneficiaries and suppliers to bring sustainability to the development sector.

Where we operate

Our cloud based approach allows us to operate anywhere in the world and work in last mile environments.

Empowering the hardest to reach communities by delivering safe, secure and sustainable humanitarian outcomes, using technology.

Management Team

Steve Harvey

Founder & Chief Impact Officer

Steve has 14 years in the humanitarian sector. Previously he was Director of Fintech at Save the Children International specialising in last-mile solutions for NGOs in high-risk jurisdictions. Steve has also advised World Bank on financial inclusion and bank de-risking.

Natasha Benson

Chief Executive Officer

Natasha has 20+ experience in financial services, having worked within large international banks and more recently within financial technology. Her last role was the COO of Singapore-based start-up Autumn (owned by Standard Chartered Ventures).

Claire Minihane

Chief Financial Officer

Claire has prior experience in the banking, finance, civil service and charity sectors. Her last role was Head of Treasury Risk, Reporting & Analysis at Save the Children International responsible for flows of $1bn in 80 currencies.


Pranav Nasa

Chief Information & Security Officer

Pranav is a technologist at heart who has 18+ years of experience working in banking, insurance and Fintech. His last role was to lead the Technology and Information Security teams in a Fintech backed by a large bank.

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